These first projects are aimed at beginners, even if you have some puppet-making experience but have never carved wood then I would advise you start here.

I will show you, step by step, how I make these puppets. I will give you some basic carving techniques which we can then build upon in later projects.


You will need some basic tools and of course some wood to carve your marionette. I have kept the tools used to a minimum but you will need at least one carving chisel and access to a bandsaw. (you can rough cut the blocks by hand but this really takes some time)
If you haven't got a bandsaw you could try asking friends/relatives and failing that look up a local wood yard / school / technical college or furniture maker and you should be able to get the parts cut for a small fee if you ask nicely.

As with all things safety is important. Saws, chisels and drills etc are sharp and dangerous, always use with caution, wear appropriate safety equipment and cut away from yourself whenever possible. In the videos, sometimes I have guards raised for better viewing of procedures and I cut and carve in a way that is best for the camera, not necessarily best for safety. Please keep all these things in mind as I cannot accept responsibility for any injuries caused.

Good Luck....Lets make some puppets